🔗 Remote Control Car Strollers

I stumbled across Big Toys Green Country recently when I saw a child driving around in a mini luxury car. Not something you see every day!

After briefly thinking the parents were being irresponsible, I noticed the father had a remote control—you know, the big, bulky kind with two stick controls you’d drive around a toy four wheeler when you were a kid. Except instead of the kid driving the car, it was the parent driving the kid…who thought they were driving the car.

Is this a waste of money? Perhaps. Is this lazy? A bit. Does it look like a lot of fun for both the child and the parent? Hell yes!

The only reason Mister Millennial isn’t buying one is that it would require him to obtain a child; and that’s just not happening right now.

⏰ Modern Alarm Clock

Mr 🕶 Millennial has tried many alarms and none have met his high standards of design, integration, and it-just-works since this winning combination of Hello and Hue. Millennials are highly productive creatures and consume a large amount of information. They don’t have time to remember to set an alarm each night; and need to wake up the next morning feeling refreshed—ready to continue solving the world’s problems (and holy pretzels are there a lot of problems to solve!).

The modern alarm should use cutting edge sleep science to track your sleep cycle and wake you gently during a low REM state.

Hello is a beautiful globe the size of a baseball which sits on your bedside and uses a sleep “pill” you clip to your pillow to track your sleep cycle.

Hue is an LED light bulb that connects to your home Internet’s WiFi network; allowing it to be controlled via your Hello (which is also connected) or via your smartphone.

Set your Hello to a time, for example 8AM. Hello will track your sleep cycle and wake you up between 7:30-8AM with a gentle sound and by turning on your Hue lights. The magic is that if you are in a low REM state at 7:30, waking up at 7:30AM will be easier than being woken at 8AM in a deep REM state.

It’s time to replace that dumb alarm clock with a smarter, brighter alarm!

It’s time to say Hello to Hue.

💨 Magical Air Hammock

Imagine a plastic tube. Now fold it in half. Okay!, now swing it around to fill it with as much air as you can. Excellent, now roll up the end and clip them together with the buckle. Congratulations, you now have an air lounger. Think of it as an air hammock. It’s very comfy. Go ahead, put it on the ground and hop in!