⏰ Modern Alarm Clock

Mr 🕶 Millennial has tried many alarms and none have met his high standards of design, integration, and it-just-works since this winning combination of Hello and Hue. Millennials are highly productive creatures and consume a large amount of information. They don’t have time to remember to set an alarm each night; and need to wake up the next morning feeling refreshed—ready to continue solving the world’s problems (and holy pretzels are there a lot of problems to solve!).

The modern alarm should use cutting edge sleep science to track your sleep cycle and wake you gently during a low REM state.

Hello is a beautiful globe the size of a baseball which sits on your bedside and uses a sleep “pill” you clip to your pillow to track your sleep cycle.

Hue is an LED light bulb that connects to your home Internet’s WiFi network; allowing it to be controlled via your Hello (which is also connected) or via your smartphone.

Set your Hello to a time, for example 8AM. Hello will track your sleep cycle and wake you up between 7:30-8AM with a gentle sound and by turning on your Hue lights. The magic is that if you are in a low REM state at 7:30, waking up at 7:30AM will be easier than being woken at 8AM in a deep REM state.

It’s time to replace that dumb alarm clock with a smarter, brighter alarm!

It’s time to say Hello to Hue.